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After eight years of reporting from New York City, in January 2015 Christine has returned to Germany. She is now working as a business journalist and ready for assignments.

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Expo Real Oct 12 2021
Christine Mattauch chairs the panel „Positive Climate? Dream on! What can the real estate industry and investors do?“

Süddeutsche Zeitung Oct 7 2021
Green Loans
The financing of buildings gets more sustainable (p. 21)

Absatzwirtschaft online Oct 5 2021
Tijen Onaran – the diversity whisperer of CEOs
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 10/2021
New Balance
Restarting trade fairs: How exhibitors combine analog and digital tools (p. 30-32)

Raum & mehr 2/2021
Development for the post-Covid world
Value-add- and manage-to-core-strategies are looking attractive again (p. 10-13)

Raum & mehr 2/2021
Gateway to the South
MediaWorks Munich – a location set to boom (p. 42-45)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Sept 11 2021
What’s inside
Online data base Madaster registers the materials of buildings (p. 46)

Absatzwirtschaft online Sept 1 2021
Brand Management and the Chances of Crisis
online article

Handelsjournal 7/8 2021
Future Meat
How retail is preparing für Cultivated Meat (p. 10-12)

MAN Truck & Bus August 3rd 2021
How Optiview is Revolutionising Truck Driving
A trade journalist is testing a truck without exterior mirrors
online article

DE Magazine June 22 2021
Munich: The tech metropolis
online article

Süddeutsche Zeitung June 19 2021
Too good to Dump
Das weltweit erste Rückbauzertifikat soll Bauschutt-Recycling fördern (p. 46)

Handelsjournal 6/2021
Food-Coop for Everyone
Munich’s Foodhub holds a learning for conventional retail (p. 12-13)

MAN Truck & Bus Mai 27 2021
The Lion’s City E drives and drives and drives
Featured story on an e-bus in a real setting
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online May 5 2021
Air Up – It’s Magic
online article

Handelsjournal 4/5 2021
Anything Goes
Startup Artmo has found it‘s space: art bye each and for anyone (p. 22-23)
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 5/2021
Green Lever
Cover story on the effects the Green Deal has on marketing (p. 20-25)

Absatzwirtschaft 5/2021
„Worldwide the Decision is Clear“
Q&A with Prof. Manfred Fischedick of Wuppertal Institute (p. 26-28)

Absatzwirtschaft 5/2021
Cleaning One’s Own Backyard
How marketing is getting environmentally conscious (p. 29-30)

Absatzwirtschaft 5/2021
Düren spüren
An amateur soccer’s team succeeds with Do-it-Yourself-marketing (p. 72-75)

Süddeutsche Zeitung April 10 2021
Climate Construction
The first carbon neutral neighborhoods are being built – in Swabian Esslingen for example (p. 42)

Absatzwirtschaft 4/2021
More than A and O
On juicemakers: a surprisingly innovative industry (p. 42-45)

Pro Magazine March 23 2021
Seamless Learning
How schools responded to Covid 19
online article

Pro Magazin March 23 2021
„Emotions are like Data“
Q&A with US-psychologist and management consultant Susan David
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online March 23 2021
How Daniela Römgens Wants to Light up Brand Blanco
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online March 8 3 2021
Marketing by Duravit
online article

Raum & mehr 1/2021
Office location and experience space: the Neue Balan quarter in Munich (p. 28-33)

Absatzwirtschaft 3/2021
Brand America – Still a Great Story
Cover story on the U.S. after four years with Trump (p. 18-23)

Absatzwirtschaft 3/2021
„The Country will Experience a Restart“
Q&A with Wharton marketing expert David Reibstein (p. 24-25)

Absatzwirtschaft 3/2021
„A more humble America would be a stronger America“
Translation of Scott Galloway’s piece on brand America (p. 26-27)

Absatzwirtschaft 3/2021
Better than Expected
On the resilience of transatlantic trade (p. 28-29)

Handelsjournal 2/2021
Channelling Users
Profile on startup (p. 40-41)

Handelsjournal 2/2021
Under the Same Roof
City-Supermarkts find a new way to stock: appartments on top (p. 16-18)

Treffpunkt Winter 2021
Grandma‘s Digital Friend
Keeping your autonomy with innovative gadgets (p. 42-44)

Absatzwirtschaft online Jan 25 2021
Cablecar 2.0 – how to revolutionize urban traffic
Q&A with Marc Schindler, founder of Ottobahn startup
online article

Handelsjournal 1/2021
Phase-out Model Becoming Trendsetter
Traditional health food shops restructure and Corona helps, too (p. 14-15)

Absatzwirtschaft online Jan 13 2021
Transformation: Removing Dust from an Insurer’s Brand
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online Jan 12 2021
A Different Kind of Corona-alarm: A Slow-Seller Turns Blockbuster
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online Dec 17 2020
Sodastream-Marketer: Brands Must Not Play Moralizer
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online Dec 14 12 2020
Hansgrohe Asks for Branding the Bath
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online Dec 9 2020
Sustainable Investment Helps Cleanvest to Gain Ground in Germany
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online Dec 7 2020
„Clean Meat“ – Does it Help the Climate?
online article

Creditreform-C 12/2020
Growing Despite Corona Crisis
Future-orientierted companies defy the trend to cut expenses (p. 10-12)

Absatzwirtschaft 12/2020
We against the Virus
Best-practice-profile on Munich startup Kinexon (p. 72-75)

Absatzwirtschaft online Nov 25 2020
How Deutsche Telekom Wants to Connect PR and Marketing
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online Nov 16 2020
„German CEOs Should be Bolder“ – Q&A with investor Eileen Burbidge
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 11/2020
„Facebook Accepts our Decisions“
Q&A with Helle Thorning-Schmidt, former prime minister of Denmark and co-chair of Facebook’s oversight board (p. 14-17)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Oct 31 2020
Badges for Trophy Towers
Real estate investors increasingly favor certified sustainability (p. 42)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Oct 14 2020
Green Becomes Vital
The EU intensifies pressure on the real estate industry to lower its carbon footprint
(p. 19)

Absatzwirtschaft 10/2020
Expanding, now more Than Ever
How to speed up corporate growth even when times are difficult (p. 20-28)

Absatzwirtschaft 10/2020
„Be Ready when the Crisis Is Over“
Q&A with Suisse management expert Georg von Krogh (p. 24-25)

Raum & mehr 2/2020
Reducing the Risks
Real estate investors look for Germany, Austria and the Netherlands (p. 6 -12)

Raum & mehr 2/2020
„The Focus is Shifting to Domestic Markets“
Q&A with real estate expert Prof. Sven Bienert (p. 13)

Raum & mehr 2/2020
Rethinking a Niche Market
Micro-Living is still a bet, but a little more long-term now (p. 42-47)

Absatzwirtschaft online Oct 12 2020
Q&A with Bodystreet-founder Matthias Lehner
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online Oct 7 2020
How Technology Changes Marketing
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online Sept 30 2020
E.on Gets a New Brand Image
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online Sept 22 2020
More US-Retailers Going Bankrupt
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 9/2020
Listening and Advertising
Best-Practice-Analysis of startup Julep (p. 58-60)

Absatzwirtschaft 9/2020
“Any Payment by Julep is an Add-on for Podcasters”
Q&A with Julep-investor Marcus Englert (p. 60-61)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Aug 29 2020
My Wood, my Timber
Investments in forest become popular (p. 41)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Aug 8 2020
Image Improved
Institutional investors start liking subsidized housing (p. 42)

Absatzwirtschaft online July 23 2020
Serviceplan Becomes Carbon Neutral – Will Other Agencies Catch up?
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 7+8/2020
Prime Examples
Contribution to the cover story on how to deal with the pandemic: crisis newsflash; example Kauflokal (p. 29 und 35)

Absatzwirtschaft 6/2020
The Age of Respect
Cover story on value-based communication during Covid-19 (p. 18-21)

Absatzwirtschaft 6/2020
„Strong Brands Stay Strong even during a Crisis“
Q&A with marketing-legend Prof. Heribert Meffert (p. 14-17)

Treffpunkt Sommer 2020
My Knowledgeable House
Smarthome-appliances facilitate everyday life (p. 40-42)

Pro Magazin Juni 2020
Think big? Think bigger!
How an innovations-ecosystem works
online article

Pro Magazin Juni 2020
„Technologies and Startups for New Businesses“
Q&A with Thomas Herget, Head of Merck Silicon Valley Innovation Hub
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 5/2020
Self-help the American Way
How US-marketers react to Corona (p. 20-21)

Absatzwirtschaft 5/2020
„We Witness a Very Emotional Debate“
Q&A with Bayer-Manager Uwe Schmidt on the campaign #voranbringen (p. 44-45)

Süddeutsche Zeitung 21.3.2020
Green Preferred
Investors increasingly like climate-friendly real estate (p. 41)

Handelsjournal 3/2020
New tenants for city locations: from the Bundeswehr popup-store to a social cooperative (S. 23-25)

Absatzwirtschaft 3/2020
Applying for a Job? The Robot Decides
More and more digital tools enter the recruiting business (p. 34-37)

Raum & mehr online March 25 2020
At Your Pleasure
Corporate headquarter buildings are facing mounting demands
online article

Raum & mehr 1/2020
The Charm of Sharehousing
Coliving establishes as new feature in real estate (p. 24-25)

Pro Magazin March 1 2020
Purpose Makes Companies Grow
online article

Handelsjournal 2/2020
Who am I
Munich Startup Idee GmbH wants to terminate the password surge (p. 20-21)

Absatzwirtschaft 1+2/2020
Reinventing Museum as You Know it
Best-Practice-analysis of Munich-based startup Timeride (p. 66-69)

Next Magazin 1/2020
Divide et impera!
In the digital age executives have to learn to sharing power
online article

Next Magazin 1/2020
“Wissen, wann man etwas selbst erledigen muss”
Q&A with Harvard-Professor Greenblatt on power in Shakespeare’s plays
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online
Best Brands 2020
online article

Handelsjournal 1/2020
Gone for good
What online retailers can do to avoid returns (p. 20-22)

MAN Magazin 1/2020
Everything Under Control
Developing a cockpit for a new truck-generation (p. 24-29)

Thinc 1/2020
All for All
SGL Carbon establishes a „Carbon Campus“ in Meitingen (p. 32-36)

Handelsjournal 12/2019
Child Number Three
The plattform-empire of Mr. and Mrs. Benner (p. 20-22)

Absatzwirtschaft 12/2019
Welcome to the Club
How associations gain members (p. 62-65)

Pro Magazin Dec 1 2019
Beyond the Bamboo Ceiling :
People of Asian descent may not succeed at their workplace. What companies can do
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 10/2019
Parking Commodities
Recycling is still in it’s infants. Why? (p. 36-39)

Raum & mehr 2/2019
Europe‘s Capital, Newly Discovered
Real estate investors increasingly like Brussels (p. 20-23)

Absatzwirtschaft online Oct 29 2019
What Managers Can Learn by Musicians
Q&A with principal conductor Mark Mast
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 10/2019
„I Do Whatever is Good for the Company“
Q&A with green pioneer und Trigema-CEO Wolfgang Grupp (p. 38)

Handelsjournal 10/2019
Fathoming the Unconscious
KI and VR are entering marketing research (p. 14-15)

Absatzwirtschaft online Sept 20 2019
„China Will Top Us Even in Environment Protection “
Q&A with Christian Zimmermann, Head of agency Uniplan
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 9/2019
Elephants Dancing with Mice
If corporates and startups are collaborating, it’s not always a perfect setting (p. 97-99)

Absatzwirtschaft 9/2019
„Football was Yesterday. Now Serious, Please“
Innovation expert Ulf Pillkahn on when startups have to grow up (p. 100)

Raum & mehr online Sept 16 2019
No Sledgehammer Needed :
For developers, it can be wise to invest in the neighborhood
online article

Creditreform Magazin
Well-known Brands, New Luster
How heritage companies can polish their appearance (p. 14-18)

Handelsjournal 7/8 2019
Sin in Paradise
Natural food becomes mainstream – some prime movers object (p. 23-25)

Handelsjournal 7/8 2019
„Change Has to be Credible“
„Naturkost“-president Röder on ecoogical products in supermarkets (p. 25)

Handelsjournal 7/8 2019
Members only
Why shopping communities are successful (p. 26-27)

Absatzwirtschaft online July 4 2019
Brand Managers Feel Overwhelmed By Digital Change
online article

Treffpunkt Sommer 2019
What Really Drives Us to Work
For many employees, time-off and self-determination are more important than a
plus of money (p. 12-17)

Absatzwirtschaft 7+8/2019
Chinese for Advanced
Cover story on German companies' market entry in China (p. 26-36)

Absatzwirtschaft 7+8/2019
"China Has Become a Key Market"
Q&A with Max Zenglein, economic expert at Mercator Institute for
China Studies (p. 28-29)

Absatzwirtschaft 7+8/2019
Home on Sale
Has intercultural marketing failed in Germany? (p. 46-50)

Absatzwirtschaft 7+8/2019
"Ethno-Marketing Fosters Acceptance"
Q&A with political scientist Prof. Hannes Schammann on commercials and
integration (p. 51)

Pro Magazin June 1 2019
Alliances between unequal companies can be very productive

Absatzwirtschaft online May 24 2019
Neuropsychologist Prof. Montag: You Love What You Are Familiar With
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online May 21 2019
Brax-CMO: On the Importance of Not Lying
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online May 17 2019
What We Can Learn about Trust by the FBI
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online May 7 2019
When Haymat and Heimat are Just the Same
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 5/2019
From Microliving to Daycare-Fonds
Real estate becomes a brand (p. 48-51)

Handelsjournal 4+5/2019
The Visionary of Zurich Lake
Profile on David Bosshart, Chef des Schweizer Gottlieb Duttweiler Instituts (p. 44-47)

Absatzwirtschaft online March 18 2019
Neurologist Dr. Beck: "Smart Brains Like to Forget"
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online March 14 2019
AI in Direct Marketing: a Q&A
online article

Book Chapter
Crises, Frenzy and Misery
On the Golden Twenties, in: Kaufen – a cultural history of modern retail in
Germany, Callwey Verlag April 2019

Book Chapter
Goodbye Counter
The introduction of self-service, in: Kaufen – a cultural history of modern retail in Germany, Callwey Verlag April 2019

Raum & mehr 1/2019
Core Business In German
city centers office space is hard to get (p. 18-20)

Raum & mehr 1/2019
"The Tight Labor Market Favors Central Locations"
Q&A with Marc Bertrand, CEO of real estate investor La Française (p. 21)

Absatzwirtschaft online March 11 2019
How Artificial Intelligence Changes Campaigns on Pro7Sat1
online article

Sueddeutsche Zeitung March 11 2019
Another Shortage
Seeing rents rise, more companies are leaving boomtowns (p. 49)

Absatzwirtschaft 3/2019
Crisis? What Crisis?
Cover story on innovative retailing (p. 24-31)

Absatzwirtschaft 3/2019
"A Question of Branding"
Q&A with Michael Gerling, Managing Director of EHI Retail Institute (p. 30)

Absatzwirtschaft 3/2019
Selling Collectively
Small retailers unite on platforms (p. 32-34)

Absatzwirtschaft 3/2019
Talking Brands
Voice Commerce – the next big thing (p. 35-37)

Absatzwirtschaft online Feb 21 2019
Best Brands 2019: Experience Marketing on the Rise
online article

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Feb 1 2019
Smart Sale
Increasingly, real estate transactions in Germany are done as Share Deals (p. 29)

Handelsjournal 1/2019
Operation Ding Dong
How start-ups are stirring up Germany's beverage market (p. 22-24)

Absatzwirtschaft 1+2/2019
"AI Makes better Decisions than Humans"
A conversation with Prof. Peter Gentsch who has been working and investing in artificial intelligence for more than 20 years (p. 14-18)

Absatzwirtschaft 1+2/2019
A Market Dreams Are Made Of
Mattresses are bought increasingly online (p. 48-51)

Handelsjournal 12/2018
Good Run
The unlikely international success of Asphaltgold, a sneaker store
in Darmstadt (p. 16-17)
Handelsjournal 12/2018
Too Small to Survive
Difficult times for independent food retailers (p. 18-20)
Absatzwirtschaft Dec 2018
Home Builder to Go New Ways
How a home loan bank extended its brand (p. 96-99)
Handelsjournal 11/2018
When Heirs are Fighting
If real estate is involved, succession in retail gets even more complicated (p. 42-44)
Absatzwirtschaft Online Nov 16 2018
Taking China! But How?
online article
Fondsmagazin Nov 1 2018
Tower of Hope
The Internationale Skyscraper Award goes to Torre Reforma in Mexico (p. 38-39)
Absatzwirtschaft Online Nov 1 2018
Why Porsche Founded a Brand Academy in China
online article
Handelsjournal 10/2018
Stand on Left Side – Go on Right Side
The escalator celebrates its 125th birthday. An homage
online article
Absatzwirtschaft Oct 2018
Trade Fairs Becoming Entertainment Parks
From Wonder Wheel to Cheese Fondue: A marketing tool reinvents itself (p. 80-98)
Absatzwirtschaft Online Oct 30 2018
„AI Needs to Become More Human“
Q&A with Adobe-Manager Aseem Chandra
online article
Absatzwirtschaft Online Oct 12 2018
„Machines Can be Educated Like Kids“
Q&A with AI-Researcher Prof. Schmidhuber
online article
Süddeutsche Zeitung Oct 12 2018
Shrinking Giants
Investment in US-real estate is sought after – but hard to get (p. 28)
DE Magazin Oct 10 2018
On the importance of transatlantic relations:
Irmintraud Jost online article
Stefanie Lemke online article
Expo Real Oct 8 2018
Christine Mattauch moderates a panel on Secondary Cities in Central and Eastern Europe
Sueddeutsche Zeitung Oct 5 2018
Unlimited Construction
German architects increasingly work abroad (p. 32)
Absatzwirtschaft Online Oct 2 2018
Q&A with Monocle-founder Tyler Brulé
online article
Süddeutsche Zeitung Sept 14 2018
Vision in the Desert
In developing countries, megacities for hundred thousand of inhabitants are being built from scratch (p. 43)
DAAD aktuell Sept 6 2018
Transatlantic Knowledge Sharing
Three Q&As with young German scientists working across borders
online article
Absatzwirtschaft Sept 2018
When marketers quit (p. 92-95)
Absatzwirtschaft Sept 2018
„Set Up Your Dreams like a Project“
Q&A with retirement-coach Iris Seidenstricker (p. 94)
Absatzwirtschaft Sept 2018
Where to Learn
Overview of think tanks for top-managers (p. 30-31)
Absatzwirtschaft Online Sept 27 2018
Karsten Kühn is CMO of the Year
online article
Absatzwirtschaft Special Edition
Clever Boxes
The benefits of smart packaging (p. 38-41)
Handelsjournal Sept 2018
Lokal Heroes
Long-established retailers standing shoulder to shoulder (p. 14-16)
DAAD Aktuell Sept 6 2018
Transatlantic Knowledge Sharing
Three Q&As on the occasion of GAIN’s annual meeting in Boston
online article
The Day After Tomorrow (Fictional newspaper of 2038)
Free of Possession
How rental-furniture company Readymade overtook Ikea (p. 3)
Handelsjournal 7+8/2018
Once Hunters, Now They Are the Ones Being Hunted
H&M faces big challenges – like fashion altogether (p. 14-16)
Absatzwirtschaft July/August 2018
Future without Steering Wheel
Report on autonomous driving (p. 44-49)
Absatzwirtschaft July/August 2018
„A Machine Goes Like a Machine“
Q&A with Daimler-visionary Alexander Mankowsky (p. 50-51)
Absatzwirtschaft July/August. 2018
Professional Customers
What happens when marketers go shopping (p. 86-89)
Sueddeutsche Zeitung June 22 2018
A Trend That Is Here to Stay
Increasing supply and demand of co-working (p. 30)
DE Magazin June 7 2018
Canadians Like Germany
online article
Pro-Magazin June 1 2018
„Step Back to Get Ahead“
Q&A with scientist Navi Radjou on frugal innovation
online article
Handelsjournal 6/2018
Listening to the Customer
Voice-commerce may be the next big thing (p. 14-16)
Absatzwirtschaft June 2018
„Some Habits I have to Get Rid Off“
Sebastian Klauke, Chief Digital Officer of Otto, wants to transform the company (p. 20-24)
Absatzwirtschaft April 2018
„Going by Train Has to Become Sexy“
Q&A with Kerstin Hartmann, director of Deutsche Bahn’s innovation lab (p. 20-24)
Handelsjournal 4/5 2018
Chinese for Beginners
The digital silk road attracts more and more German retailers (p. 20-23)
Sueddeutsche Zeitung March 24 2018
„A Quiet Project“
The German winner of Mipim-Awards (p. 27)
Sueddeutsche Zeitung March 17 2018
Dancing Near the Exit
Real estate trade fair Mipim still showing good mood of the industry (p. 36)
DAAD aktuell March 15 2018
Learning by History
Doctorate Luisa Hulsroj on how to communicate with right-wing-proponents
online article
Absatzwirtschaft March 2018
Mister Gotthard, How Did You Do That?
Peter Jedelhauser, SBB-Projektleiter, managed to finalize the big tunnel one year earlier than predicted (p. 24-28)
DE Magazin March 13 2018
Changing Diplomacy
Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook on foreign policy in the era of Trump
online article
Absatzwirtschaft online March 7 2018
How Otto Company Became a Success Story in Digital Age
online article
Treffpunkt 2/2018
Hip today, Gone Tomorrow
Why crypto currency is a high-risk investment (p. 24-26)
Handelsjournal 2/2018
Darf’s noch ein bisschen mehr sein?
Contribution to a report on changing food retailing (p. 14-17)
Absatzwirtschaft online Feb 22 2018
Best Brands 2018
online article

Quell Spring 2018
Please Do Not Water
Start-up Stylegreen produces wall hangers by preserved mosses (p. 30-31)

DAAD aktuell Feb 6 2018
Randall Hansen: Heartfelt Atlantic – and Media Star Against All Odds
online article

Absatzwirtschaft Online Feb 4 2018
„Without Biology, Machines Cannot Think Like Humans“: But Artificial Intelligence Works for Marketing
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 1/2018
A Dream Becoming a Brand
Why a vision like Hyperloop could actually become true (p. 50-53)

Absatzwirtschaft 1/2018
Innovation, Made in Africa
Trend scouts discover a rising continent (p. 44-48)

Absatzwirtschaft 1/2018
„Like a Very Efficient Multiplier“
Q&A with Bernhard Kowatsch who invented the Innovation Accelerator (p. 49)

Handelsjournal 1/2018
Don’t Search – Ask!
How chatbots might transform customer service (p. 18-20)

Handelsjournal 12/2017
Indulging in Forms and Colors
Next generation shop: store construction (p. 42-43)

Axiallent Dezember 2017
The Architecture of Growth
Profile on Nemetschek Group (p. 6-7)
Feeling Good
Profile on Schattdecor (p. 10-11)

Aussenwirtschaft 6/2017
Strangers to Work With
Looking for employees abroad (p. 32-35)

Profits 6/2017
Unique and Successful
The Start-ups receiving the Sparkassen Founders’ Award 2017 (p. 6-7)

DE Mag Nov 28 2017
„Germany is highly respected“
Q&A with CNN-reporter Frederik Pleitgen about journalism in the US
online article

Creditreform-Magazin Nov 28 2017
Next Generation Store
Modern IT in brick-and-mortar retailers

Süddeutsche Zeitung Nov 11 2017
Mini-Flat, Maxi-Return
The rush on microappartments (p. 41)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Nov 24 2017
„Quite A Hype“
Q&A with Empirica-manager Reiner Braun on microappartments (p. 41)

Absatzwirtschaft 11/2017
Brain Waves Don‘t Lie
Report on Germany‘s single neuropricing lab (p. 50-53)

Absatzwirtschaft 11/2017
„I am Not Just Invested. I am Dedicated“
Q&A with soccer star Philipp Lahm on his brand as investor (p. 20-24)

Absatzwirtschaft 11/2017
Four Questions for Alexander Nix
Q&A on microtargeting (p. 8)

Handelsjournal 11/2017
Desert Coming to Life
Next generation shop: Service (p. 54-55)

DAAD aktuell Oct 30 2017
An American Researcher Who Wants to Understand German Reformation
online article

Süddeutsche Zeitung Oct 27 2017
Too Happy Too Soon
How Donald Trump’s election is seen by the real estate industry (p. 29)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Oct 10 2017
„Back to Normal“
Q&A with Colliers-manager Robert Stamm on US-real estate market (p. 29)

Absatzwirtschaft 10/2017
Grandpas Digital Friend
How dementia patients might be able to stay in their home (p. 100-103)

Handelsjournal 10/2017
Easy Pay
Next generation shop: billing systems (p. 54-55)

Handelsjournal 10/2017
Smart Classic
The shopping cart has its 80th anniversary (p. 16-18)

Absatzwirtschaft Online Oct 10 2017
„The Hyperloop-Movement is Unstoppable“
Q&A with entrepreneur Dirk Ahlborn
online article

Absatzwirtschaft Online Oct 4 2017
„An Industry Just Can’t Rely on Freaks“
Q&A with Alexander Nix, manager of Cambridge Analytica
online article

Absatzwirtschaft Online Sept 28 2017
Germany‘s Best Marketer Comes From Adidas
The event CMO of the Year took place in Munich
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 9/2017
Innovation, Made in the Ruhr Area
Report on an upcoming ecosystem (p. 42-44)

Absatzwirtschaft 9/2017
„This Is not About Bochum or Essen“
Q&A with Michael Stölting, Board of NRW-Bank, on the new Gründerfonds (p. 45)

Quell Fall 2017
Harvesting Furniture
A biologist wants to grow chairs and lamp shades on espaliers (p. 20-21)

Handelsjournal 9/2017
Ready for Shipment? Now Wait
Next generation shop: Delivery (p. 46-47)

Absatzwirtschaft online Aug 17 2017
Why soccer stars Hummels and Boateng like eye drops
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 7+8/2017
Ecosystem With a Warm Welcome
Report on start-ups in the Rhineland (p. 36-39)

Absatzwirtschaft 7+8/2017
„Cologne Should be Second to Berlin Only “
Q&A with entrepreneur Lorenz Gräf on the potentials of the Domstadt (p. 38)

Handelsjournal 7+8/2017
Datafriendly Even When Your Place is Small
Next generation shop: IT at the PoS (p. 52-53)

Absatzwirtschaft Online July 11 2017
How Outlet-Cities Survive in a Digital World
Q&A with Outlet-Manager Kay Nienhaus
online article

Absatzwirtschaft Online July 3 2017
How to Sell Second-Hand-Luxury online
Q&A with Rebelle-CEO Cécile Wickmann
online article

Absatzwirtschaft Online July 3 2017
Generation Z as a Customer: Down to Earth, Self-confident and ...spoiled
online article

Quell Sommer 2017
Using Technology to Fight Hunger
The United Nations ask start-ups to help (p. 12-13)

Handelsjournal 6/2017
Robots, That’s Us
Smart machines will support sales but not replace humans (p. 12-14)

Handelsjournal 6/2017
Brave New Digital World
Next generation shop: Marketing at the PoS (p. 50-51)

Absatzwirtschaft online June 7 2017
„Do Not Treat Influencers Like Billboards“
Q&A with Magdalena Rogl, Head of Digital Channels of Microsoft Germany
online article

Absatzwirtschaft online June 6 2017
The Social Media-Strategy of FC Bayern München
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 5/2017
„There Is More Than Poverty “
Marketing professor Vijay Mahajan on business in rural Africa (p. 16-19)

Absatzwirtschaft 5/2017
Logistics 4.0
Organizing sales in a digital age (p. 84-87)

Handelsjournal 4+5/2017
Amusing your Customer
Next generation shop: Entertainment (p. 46-47)

Süddeutsche Zeitung April 21 2017
Getting Rid of Yourself
Bad bank of Hypo Real Estate dissolves its real estate section (p. 30)

DAAD Aktuell April 19 2017
German American Conference
Talking to Three Participants
online article

Aussenwirtschaft 3/2017
Tehran Wants to Intensify Trade
For German companies, exporting to Iran might seem as interesting
as difficult (p. 24-26)

Fondsmagazin 3/2017
From Grey to Green
The lesson of London property Kings Place becoming more sustainable (p. 30-32)

Liberal 3/2017
Bavarian Partisans
A small minority in the state of CSU party: progressive mayors (p. 40-43)

Absatzwirtschaft 3/2017
Frankfurt‘s Momentum
The startup-szene in Main metropolis is growing (p. 32-34)

Absatzwirtschaft 3/2017
„We Do Support Fintechs“
Q&A with Michael Koch, Head of Online- und Mobile-Banking at Deutsche Bank (p. 35)

Aussenwirtschaft 2/2017
Better Safe than Sorry
Demand for smart building technology „Made in Germany“ is growing (p. 30-33)

Return 2/2017
Professional Radical
Profile on Vaude-principal Antje von Dewitz (p. 54-55)

Aussenwirtschaft 1/2017
Making Dreams Become True
How export companies benefit by Virtual and Augmented Reality (p. 34-37)

Return 1/2017
Last Exit Bad Zwischenahn
A bankrupt bus operator took a second chance (p. 46-49)

Handelsjournal 3/2017
Selling Comprehensively
Future retail: Multichannel (p. 54-55)

AW Online March 2 2017
What Millenials like – and how they shop
Q&A with author and entrepreneur Philipp Riederle
online article

AW Online Feb 23 2017
Best Brands: Car Company BMW Has All the Loyality, Tesla the Visionary Charme
online article

Handelsjournal 2/2017
„Brick-and-Mortar is not dead. But it Becomes Different“
Q&A with experts of Handelshochschule Leipzig (p. 20-22)

Profits 2/2017
The Documentary Pros
Profile on Maximus Film GmbH (p. 21-22)

Quell Spring 2017
Hazardous Load
Visiting Europe’s biggest special waste disposal facility (p. 22-23)

AW Online Jan 25 2017
„More Egoism, More Narcism“
Hamburg social psychologist Hans-Peter Erb on the individualized society
online article

AW Online Jan 23 2017
Digital Pillar: If Companies Think Outside-In
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Absatzwirtschaft 12/2016
Saxony Is Catching Up
Startup-series no. 4: Dresden and Leipzig (p. 54-57)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Nov 18 2016
The US, Still Tempting
No matter Trump being elected, German real-estate-investors want to cross the atlantic (p. 38 )

Fondsmagazin 3/2016
„Creating Perfect Places“
Q&A with star architect Bjarke Ingels (p. 40-42)

Handelsjournal Sept 2016
Guru Looking For Bargain Shoppers
The industry of digital leaflets is on the rise (p. 42-43)

Oct 10 2016
Christine Mattauch moderates the event "BDB-Dialog 2016" in Wuerzburg

AW Online Oct 4 2016
Former Marketer Lindner: "You can establish your brand against
your party brand"

online article

AW Online Sept 30 2016
Telekom-Marketer Schwingen is Germany's best CMO
online article

Absatzwirtschaft Oct 2016
Rebel of Late
On Donald Trump's Ego-Marketing (p. 24-25)

Absatzwirtschaft Oct 2016
Stuttgart's Big Bang
Startup-Series no. 2: Stuttgart and Karlsruhe (p. 40-42)

Absatzwirtschaft Oct 2016
"Our Spot!"
Q&A with manager Susanne Hahn on Daimler's new Startup-Autobahn (p. 43)

Aussenwirtschaft 5/2016
Indulging like Germans Do
Overseas, German food is highly welcomed (p. 32-34)

Liberal 5/2016
Sense Instead of Sensibility
Effective altruists want to do good as efficient as possible. Does it work? (p. 36-39)

Liberal 5/2016
No Tree-Huggers Any More
Innovative entrepreneurs occupy Veganism (p. 40-43)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung July 29 2016
Avantgarde in Texas
Despite obstacles a zero emission development is progressing (p. 28)

Absatzwirtschaft Sept 2016
Weißwurst, Tech and Old Money
Startup-series no. 1: Munich (p. 40-43)

Absatzwirtschaft Sept 2016
"A Continous Race"
Q&A with Helmut Schönenberger, manager of incubator UnternehmerTUM (p. 42)

Absatzwirtschaft Dmexco special edition
Connecting, Tying, Analyzing
How the Internet of Things could shape marketing (p. 74-75)

Return 3/2016
Word Follows Action
Editing of innovation expert Ulf Pillkahn's article on how to implement
innovation (p. 38-39)

Absatzwirtschaft 7+8 2016
The success of the German Brand
Why the nation is seen increasingly favorably by foreign countries (p. 38-40)

Absatzwirtschaft 7+8 2016
"Germany does not abuse it's power"
Q&A with David Reibstein, Professor of Marketing at Wharton-School (p. 41)

DE Magazin 1. Juli 2016
"Overcome clichés and prejudices"
A transatlantic youth exchange program proves its value
online article

Liberal 3/2016
America's First Populist

Profile on William Jennings Bryan (p. 9)

Liberal 3/2016
How to Really Help Africa
The "dark continent" urgently needs private investment in agriculture (p. 32-35)

Aussenwirtschaft 3/2016
City Lights
Megacities are growing worldwide – an opportunity for Germany's industry (p. 10-15)

Handelsjournal 6/2016
Supermarket, Apartments on Top
Food chains discover new ways to serve their neighborhoods (p. 20-21)

Absatzwirtschaft 6/2016
Three Questions for...Marc-Etienne Geser
Q&A on tomorrow's shopping (p. 10)

Quell Summer edition 2016
A Better Way to Understanding
How a Munich company helps deaf people by using translation software (p. 11)

Absatzwirtschaft 5/2016
Why Airports Might Become Theme Parks Today
managing an airport is mainly a marketing issue (p. 36-39)

DE Magazin April 12 2016
Hannover Messe 2016: ready for partner country USA
online article

DE Magazin April 12 2016
Political impetus for change On the Transatlantic Climate Bridge
online article

Absatzwirtschaft 4/2016
The Niche Revolution
On the growing business potential from the Internet of Things (p. 38-42)

Absatzwirtschaft 4/2016
"Try Thinking in Eco-Systems!"
Q&A with management-pundit Rainer Wiedmann about Germany's position regarding IoT (p. 43)

Absatzwirtschaft 4/2016
"Big Data Is a Blessing"
Q&A with Swedish marketing-professor Micael Dahlén (p. 86-88)

Wirtschaftswoche special edition Best Brands 2016
Expanding Endlessly
Amazon wins as strongest growing e-commerce-company (p. 20-21)

Handelsjournal 2/2016
More Italian than Italy
Gourmet chain Eataly is coming to Germany (p. 10-13)

Aussenwirtschaft 2/2016
Export Hit Azubi
Vetnet project supports Germany's dual education internationally (p. 36-38)

Return Business magazine 1/2016
"We Are Really on a Mission"
Q&A with Adrian Keppler, Marketing Director of 3D-printing company EOS (p. 42-45)

Ventura 1/2016
Race to the Universe
Private companies are set to exploit space commercially – danger or opportunity?
(p. 16-18)

Handelsjournal Jan 2016
"Self-Service is Not an Option"
Q&A with Robert Rösch, board member of Wöhrl, on perspectives of the traditional clothing store chain (p. 20-23)

Liberal 1/2016
Monastery & Co.
What makes the business success of friaries? Report from
Heilige Berg Andechs (p. 32-37)

Liberal 1/2016
"Eucken is Hot"
Q&A with Prof. Lars Feld, Director of Eucken Institute in Freiburg (p. 38-39)

Aussenwirtschaft 6/2015
Using Power More Efficiently
Energy saving technology is sought after worldwide (p. 32-34)

Absatzwirtschaft Dec 2015
"Words Have the Power to Making Us Sick – or Whole"
Q&A with neurobiologist Joachim Bauer on internal and external control (p. 100-102)

Return Business magazine 4/2015
"The Minimum Wage Meets Our Goals "
Q&A with Tobias Keck, Managing Director of Bendl, on quality in construction (p. 40-43)

Fondsmagazin 3/2015
A Legend, Reinventing Over and Over
New York City is booming again – and that is true for real estate as well (p. 30-32)

Absatzwirtschaft Oct 2015
Moving to the New World
German Start-Ups are discovering New York City (p. 44-47)

Handelsjournal Oct 2015
The Surfer
Cover profile on Jan Bredack, founder of vegan retail chain "Veganz" (p. 18-21)

Handelsjournal Oct 2015
Digital Eyes
How modern video technology helps retail (p. 46-48)

Aussenwirtschaft 5/2015
Maschines Among Machines
Cover story on the German export idustry in the era of the industrial internet of things
(p. 10-16)

Handelsjournal Sept 2015
A Revolution Bringing Roses
On the growing online market for flowers (p. 22-24)

Handelsjournal Sept 2015
Best Position
Commercial properties are in demand – should retailers sell? (p. 40-43)

Liberal 4/2015
New Life for Drop-Outs
Universities start helping students who say good-bye (p. 32-35)

Liberal 4/2015
Supporting Good Causes in a Timely Way
Civic crowdfunding is becoming popular in Germany (p. 44-47)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Aug 21 2015
In Texas, Without Oil
A German developer is building a zero-energy-settlement in Austin (p. 27)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Aug 21 2015
"This Will Go Down Well"
Q&A with Mike Mansuetti, CEO of Bosch North America, about energy saving in the US
(p. 27)

Return Business magazine 3/2015
"The Biggest Challenge is Getting Started"
Q&A with Sabine Herold, CEO of Hidden Champion Delo (p. 40-44)

Akzente 3/2015
Pioneers with Prospects
How geriatric nurses from Vietnam cover labor shortage in Germany (p. 32-35)

DAAD aktuell 21.8.2015
Award-Winning Historical Research
Q&A with Canadian Academic James Retallack

Aussenwirtschaft 4/2015
Shopping in Manhattan
New York is cutting edge – in retail, too (p. 30-32)

Das Parlament July 27 2015
Climate Protection Evolving Slowly
Barack Obama's environmental policy and its limits (p. 15)

Absatzwirtschaft 7/8 2015
Turning Point in Health Care
Personalized, digital, data-driven: the medical science of tomorrow (p. 40-43)

Süddeutsche Zeitung May 22 2015
Shiny Perspective
For owners of skyscrapers obervation decks might be a great deal (p. 23)

Aussenwirtschaft 3/2015
Happy Candy
German Lebkuchen and Marzipan are in demand worldwide (p. 25-27)

Return Business Magazine 2/2015
"Do Not Even Try to Being Perfect"
Q&A with eco-entrepreneur Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth (p. 18-21)

Carta April 19 2015
Why the US is not Afraid of TTIP
online article

Aussenwirtschaft 2/2015
Different Rules
Working in the US might not be so easy (p. 34-36)

Absatzwirtschaft April 2015
Astropreneures' Moment
Commercial space flight courts customers in the US (p. 36-39)

DAAD Aktuell March 31 2015
True Expert on Germany
Interview with US-Economist Stephen Silvia
online article

DE Magazin March 25 2015
Record Sales and Ambitious Plans
German carmakers in the US
online article

Immobilienbrief Stuttgart March 24 2015
Stuttgart belongs to Europe's Futuure Top-Markets
A study identifies 46 cities of tomorow (p. 5-7)

Cicero March 2015
The Drone Baron
Jordi Munoz' success with flying robots (p. 76-77)

Süddeutsche Zeitung March 6 2015
New Dreams
Commercial real estate in the US is taking off (p. 26)

Handelsjournal March 2015
Shopping becoming Adventorous
Walking through the innovative retail landscape of New York (p. 16-17)

Aussenwirtschaft 1/2015
Hightech in Manhattan
New York trades in Wall Street for Silicon Alley (p. 30-33)

Akzente 1/2015
Breaking Up Everyday Life
Featured story on a German social worker in Kalamazoo (p. 10-13)

DE Magazin Dec 12 2014
Ideas From Germany, Innovatively Marketed
The German Accelerator networks German Tech-start-ups in the US

Liberal November 2014
Learning and Doing
America sees German dual vocational training as a role model (p. 32-35)

Industry Journal
Industry Discovers Silicon Valley
Hardware companies are joining the Tech community (p. 36-41)

DE Magazin Oct 14 2014
Trading Partners Coming Together
On the future of the transatlantic free trade agreements between Europe and North America
online article

Absatzwirtschaft Oct 2014
The Inspiration of Others
A New York Start-Up takes the Crowd's ideas to the market (p. 30-33)
Süddeutsche Zeitung Oct 4/5 2014
Growth Engine IT
Tech brings a boom to commercial real estate (Expo-Real-Beilage p. 2)
Absatzwirtschaft Sept 2014
"We are not Slaves to a Set of Neurons"
Interview with brain scientist Cori Bargmann (p. 14-18)
Aussenwirtschaft No. 4 2014
Hot Times
The US energy sector offers opportunities for German companies (p. 25-27)
Quell Fall 2014
Easy Inventing
A new type of service providers support creative laymen (p. 6)
Das Parlament Aug 25 2014
Last Chance to Prevent the Worst
The United Nations prepare for a major summit on climate change (p. 15)
Magazin in August (2014 Issue)
"I Bring Back the Emotion"
Interview with dancer and choreographer Trajal Harrell (p. 50-53)

Absatzwirtschaft July/August 2014
The Retail-Revolution
How US-shops and supermarkts reinvent themselves(p. 32-36)

Absatzwirtschaft July/August 2014
"Marketer are Loosing Sovereignty"
Q&A with online-expert James Bruno (p. 38-39)

Liberal No. 3 2014
The Eclownomist
A Californian comedian demonstrates that economics can be fun (p. 58-61)

Absatzwirtschaft May 2014
Tracking the Mobility of Tomorrow
Inside the Autolabs of Silicon Valley (p. 22-29)

Süddeutsche Zeitung 25.4.2014
Critical Mass
In the US more and more retail investors venture directly into commercial
real estate (p. 25)

Süddeutsche Zeitung 25.4.2014
Recipe for Desaster
Q&A with Paramount-CEO Albert Behler about real estate crowdfunding (p. 25)

Akzente 1/2014
Venturing into the New World
About an Exchange program for non-academics (p. 8-11)

DE Magazin March 26 2014
Ecological Bridge Building
About the Transatlantic Climate Bridge
online article

Industry Journal 1/2014
From Servant to Colleague
Industrial robots become co-workers for humans (p. 32-37)

Industry Journal 1/2014
Competition for External Ideas
How Open Innovation works B2B (p. 72-75)

Liberal No. 2 2014
- Space Inc.
Riskloving billionaires invest in commercial space flight (p. 48-53)
- "In Need of New Rules"
Q&A with space expert Dr. Max Mutschler (p. 54)

Süddeutsche Zeitung March 14 2014
Faith in an Upswing
On the commercial real estate market recovery goes on (p. V2/2)

Cicero March 2014
Master of Experiment
Profile on development economist Esther Duflo (p. 70-71)w

Quell Spring 2014
Manhattan by Bike
Featured story about an unusual sightseeing tour (p. 5)

DE Magazin Deutschland Jan 22 2014
A Highly Practical Partnership
About a special German-American youth exchange program (p. 22-23)

Süddeutsche Zeitung January 3 2014
Madame Matilda Got Mail
Hotel branding might lift property values (p. 28)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Dec 27 2013
Rent Freezing for Manhattan
Incoming New York Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to increase affordable housing (p. 31)

Cicero December 2013
The Punk Strategist
Profile on Twitter-founder Jack Dorsey (p. 88-91)
Absatzwirtschaft Dec 2013
Sustainable Future
Cover story on Unilever's marketing strategy (p. 26-33)
Industry Journal 2/2013
Digital Education
MOOCs, a new form of online learning, are taking over (p. 26-29)
Absatzwirtschaft Oct 2013
"Crowdsourcing is not market reasearch"
New trends in research: what is working – and what doesn't (p. 38-41)
Absatzwirtschaft Oct 2013
"Our Future Lies in Consulting"
Interview with Eric Hunter, Head of Research of Huge agency in Brooklyn (p. 40)
Evonik-Magazin Fall 2013
Poverty-Action – a New Form to Supporting the Poor
Economists want to increase efficiency in development aid (p. 48-52)
Handelsblatt Oct 18 2013
Secretive Guides
Book Review: "The Alchemists" shows the hidden world of central banks (p. 70)
Aussenwirtschaft 5/2013
Building Cars, Made to Measure
More and more German manufacturers are producing in the US (p. 25-27)
Absatzwirtschaft Special Edition dmexco Fall 2013
Brave New World of Digital
Technology is shaping marketing like never before (p. 20-23)
Handelsblatt Oct 11 2013
Crisp and Fresh from the Roof
New York's gardeners cultivate veggies on top of skyscrapers (p. 36)
Süddeutsche Zeitung Oct 4 2013
Picnic with a View
Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge a park is being funded by new developments (p. V2/2)
Süddeutsche Zeitung Oct 4 2013
"More Appetit to Take Some Risk"
In the US the commercial real estate market is gaining strength (p. V2/12)
Manager Magazin Online Aug 7 2013
A Full Year in America
Apprentices get a chance to go to the US with Parliaments' special exchange program
online article

Handelsblatt Online Sept 14 2013
The Art of Going Bankrupt
How Lehman's fall and the consequences became part of cultural life
Absatzwirtschaft Sept 2013
Behavioral Economist in Nobel Prize League
Profile on psychologist Daniel Kahneman (p. 20-21)
Liberal 4/2013
Mises' Radical Heirs
Profile on Ludwig von Mises Institute in Alabama (p. 50-53)
Aussenwirtschaft 4/2013
Freeing the Trade
How companies may benefit by the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
(p. 40-41)
MAN Forum 4/2013
Efficient Drives for Stars and Stripes
In the US sales figures for Diesel vehicles finally are rising (p. 29)
Handelsblatt Aug 5 2013
Dashed Hope
America's middle class does not yet feel the recovery (p. 13)
Handelsblatt July 19 2013
A Dangerous Idea
On the austerity debate in the US (p. 56/57)
Absatzwirtschaft July/August 2013
Unilevers Mighty Change Agent
- Profile on CMO Keith Weed (p. 18-19)
How to sensitize Americans
- The ways advertising supports Non-Profits (p. 30-31)
The Hype about Do-It-Yourself
- The Maker Movement will change the world of marketing (p. 42-45)
Süddeutsche Zeitung June 14 2013
Lettuce from the Sky
In New York rooftop farms help with real estate marketing (p. 26)
Liberal 3/2013
The Rebel
Profile on economist Esther Duflo (p. 76-81)
Absatzwirtschaft June 2013
Apple's Marketingstar Fails in Apparel Retail
How Ron Johnson got it wrong with J.C.Penney (p. 30-31)
Süddeutsche Zeitung May 31 2013
Risky Comeback
The recovery of the US-housing market (p. 25)
DE Magazin May 27 2013
Real Freedom Across the Atlantic
Negotiations about a free-trade zone are set to begin
online article
Absatzwirtschaft May 2013
A Climber Knowing How to Stay on Top
Profile on management guru Jim Collins (p. 20-21)

Absatzwirtschaft May 2013
End of Glorification
Position and perspectives of Apple: an analysis (p. 32-34)

Aussenwirtschaft April/May 2013
Unknown Friends
The unexpected culture clash: How German entrepreneurs experience the US (p. 26-28)

Evonik-Magazin 1/2013
God's Work and Devil's Debt
Essay about good and evil in the economy (p. 18-23)

Quell Summer 2013
Maker Movement on the Rise
In the US hands-on-creativity is cutting edge (p. 5)

Industry Journal 1/2013
"Manufacturing should come back to the U.S."
– Interview with Mayor Anthony Foxx (p. 20-23)
Production for the people
– Report about 3D-Printing (p. 24-29)
Knowledge as a Business Model
– Profile on patent guru Nathan Myhrvold (p. 62-65)

Cicero April 2013
Yahoo's Tiger Mom
Profile on CEO Marissa Mayer (p. 74-75)

Goethe-Institute's Webmagazine "Reclaiming Public Space"
"We Are Waiting for the Next Big Bang"
Interview with Occupy-Wall-Street activist Kalle Lasn

German Magazine for Architects
Manhattan's Mouseholes
The City of New York is constructing mini-apartments

MAN Forum
Imagine There Is No Gas
After hurrican Sandy: A woman from Long Island spent the night
at the gas station (p. 27)

Absatzwirtschaft March 2013
Comeback of a Legend
IT-Veteran Prof. August Wilhelm Scheer is starting a new venture (p. 18-20)

Süddeutsche Zeitung March 8 2013
In an Uptrend
This year, the US-real estate market supports the economy (p. 26)

Handelsblatt Feb 15 2013
The Money of Others
Book review "Tod eines Investmentbankers" (p. 62)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Dec 28 2012
Sailing Across an Ocean of Skyscrapers
Manhattans Highrises open up for families – and establish playrooms for kids (p. 32)

DE Magazin Dec 20 2012
Visions and Growth
Innovative industries benefit from German-American networks
online article

Absatzwirtschaft Dec 2012
"Beck's Is Set to Be Avantgarde"
Interview with Fabienne Rollot, Marketingexec of Anheuser-Busch Inbev Deutschland
(p. 12-16)

Absatzwirtschaft Dec 2012
Pioneer of Brand Equity
Profile on marketing guru David Aaker (p. 26-28)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Nov 16 2012
The US real estate industry does not like the outcome of the election (p. V2/1)

Quell Winter 2012
Huntsmen, Searchers, Adventurers
Profile on New Yorker Explorers' Club (p. 14)

DE Magazin Nov 9 2012
Expansion and energy efficiency
online article

Süddeutsche Zeitung Nov 9 2012
Tug-of-war About a Venerable Giant
The Empire State Building is set for an IPO but some are against it (p. V2/2)

Absatzwirtschaft November 2012
The One Vivaldi among the Explorers
Profile on marketing-expert Erich Joachimsthaler (p. 26-28)

Handelsblatt Oct 19 2012
Against Do-Gooders
How economist Ester Duflo revolutionized helping the poor (p. 54)

Deutsche Universitätszeitung Oct 19 2012
Drought in Paradise
On the future of public universities in the US (p. 26-28)

Handelsblatt Oct 10.2012
Economists in Chief, True to Party Lines, Fighting Tight
Economic Advisors to Obama and Romney at Columbia University (p. 15)

Das Parlament Oct 8 2012
Sudden Death of a Rebound
The American energy market after four years Obama

Süddeutsche Zeitung Oct 5 2012
Recovery in Sight
On the American real estate market (p. 2 of Expo-Real-Supplement)

Handelsblatt Oct 1 2012
Economist of the 99 per Cent
Profile on tax specialist Emmanuel Saez (p. 17)

Evonik-Magazin 2/2012
Rising Like a Phoenix
The American autoindustry has been learning (p. 28-31)

Industry Journal 2/2012
"Don't trust the Status Quo more than Change"
Q&A with innovation guru Roger Martin (p. 74-76)

Handesblatt Aug 27 2012
Poor Economist
Profile on MIT-based Esther Duflo (p. 17)

Absatzwirtschaft September 2012
Guarded Giant
Globally positioned and highly innovative but low-key
brand presence: the Hochtief company (p. 32-38)

Aussenwirtschaft August/September 2012
Ample Latitude, Big Opportunities
Cover story on New York as location for German companies (p. 8-14)

Absatzwirtschaft August 2012
Beastly Deals
Cover story on the growing pet industry (p. 18-24)

Absatzwirtschaft August 2012
"It is Time for Acknowleding Europe"
Q&A with Ferdinando Beccalli-Falco, President and CEO of GE Europe & North Asia
and CEO GE Germany (p. 12-16)

Aussenwirtschaft June/July 2012
Made in USA
Why German manufacturers succeed in America (p. 18-21)

Compass 3/2012
Speculation? Yes, thank you
Q&A with investment-guru Jim Rogers (p. 14-15)

Liberal No 2 2012
Determined He Has To Be
Economic-political tasks of the next US-president (p. 16-21)

Handelsblatt June 11 2012
Master of Complexity
Profile on US-economist Ricardo Hausmann (p. 18-19)

Manager Magazin Online June 4 2012
Social Entrepreneurs On the Rise
For a new generation of American founders money is not enough

Next Spring 2012
Property Obliges
How companies can profit by smart patent strategies (p. 32-35)

Quell Summer 2012
Lively Utopia: Houses from Trash
Featured story about the Earthship movement (p. 14)

Cicero May 2012
Doctor World Bank
Jim Yong Kim, a physician, is new head of the Development Organization (p. 72-73)

Absatzwirtschaft May 2012
Edgy Guru of the Online World
Profile on Marketing strategist Seth Godin (p. 28-29)

Industry Journal 1/2012
Welcome, Colleague Specialist
How German companies find creative ways to fight the shortage of
qualified specialists (p. 58-60)

Compass 2/2012
Future Growing on the Roof
Featured story about farmers in New York City (p. 16-19)

Compass 2/2012
Ready for Reforms
Interview with New York financial expert Sandra Navidi about the economy
in the US (p. 14-15)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung March 2 2012
Strong Belief in Recovery
Commercial real estate in the US is pulling investments again (p. 56)

Baumeister March 2012
The brand of New York stardesigner Peter Marino (p.16-18)

Absatzwirtschaft March 2012
Procter-Transformer Now Sells "Brand Ideals"
How former P&G-CMO Jim Stengel changes the maketing industry as an advisor
(p. 26-27)

Manager Magazin Online
German Scientists on Their Way Home

Quell Spring 2012
How Green Jobs Transform the US-Economy
A rotor blade factory in Iowa keeps providing jobs (p. 4)

Handelsblatt Feb 2 2012
Rare Bird in Economics
US-economist Dan Ariely has specialized in irrational behavior (p. 18)

Absatzwirtschaft Jan/Feb 2012
Fight for Patents
Cover story on the increasing importance of intellectual property rights (p. 18-25)

Das Parlament Jan 23 2012
Spin Doctors and PR-Advisors
The influence of marketing in political campaigns and elsewhere (p. 9)

Cicero January 2012
Capable but Cold
Profile of new HP-CEO Meg Whitman (p. 82)

Die Zeit Dec 29 2011
Man of Passion
Obituary for Werner Otto, founder of mail-order company Otto-Group (p. 36)

Handelsblatt Dec 15 2011
Anonymous, Influential, Contested
Website EJMR has become a central discussion platform for economists (p. 18)

Manager Magazin Online Dec 12 2011
Financial Celebreties Are Saying Good Bye
Generational change in the hedge fund industry

Quell Winter 2011
The Rights2Know-March
To start a movement against genetically modified organisms, activists walk from New York to Washington (p. 5)

Absatzwirtschaft November 2011
"We Asked Porsche to Design our Tractors"
Interview with AGCO-CEO and Chairman Martin Richenhagen (p. 12-16)

Absatzwirtschaft November 2011
His Mission: Enhancing Passion
New DDB Creative Director Amir Kassaei wants to change the network (p. 82-85)

Evonik-Magazin 2/2011
Vegetables Grown by Roof
Urban Farms might help to keeping megacities alive (p. 30-31)

Industry Journal 2/2011
A Man's Dream
Ray Kurzweil's vision about the rise of artificial intelligence (p. 62-65)

Manager Magazin Online Oct 19 2011
German Companies Could Benefit from Wave of Bankruptcies
The American Solar Sector is being streamlined

Investment Inside October 2011
A Grey Market for Technology Shares
Privately owned shares of Silicon-Valey-Companies are being dealt with quite profitably (p. 8-9)

Investment Inside October 2011
"Big Players are More Influential Than Ever"
Interview with Wall-Street-expert Sandra Navidi, CEO of consulting firm Beyond Global (p. 21-24)

next:-Magazin Oktober 2011
How companies are dealing with mistakes (p. 40-43)

Cicero October 2011
Speculator with Principles
Ray Dalios special management-style (p. 90-91)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Sept 30 2011
Juwel Beneath Hudson River
Manhattans last big waste land is being developped (Expo-Real-supplement p. 2)

Investment Inside September 2011
US-Companies Are Targeting Emerging Countries
Excellent quarterly results despite a weak domestic economy (p. 10)

Investment Inside September 2011
Risktakers at Their Best
The most important Hedge Funds-managers (p. 32-35)

Manager Magazin Online Sept 7 2011
Disillusion in the US Gas Industry
Shale gas might disappoint high hopes of some investors

Quell Fall 2011
Prohibited River
In Los Angeles a hidden stream is being rediscovered (p. 14)

Investment Inside August 2011
The Return of Subprime
Mortgage-veteran Lewis Ranieri enters the business of financing houses (p. 8)

Handelsblatt Aug 15 2011
Theoretecian of Stagnation
US-Economist Tyler Cowen became famous publishing an Ebook and inconvenient theses (p. 18)

Cicero August 2011
Wall Street's Arch-Enemy
Profile on consumerist Elizabeth Warren (p. 64)

Absatzwirtschaft August 2011
Marketing By Heart
Cover story on the business of online dating and chances for marketers (p. 20-23)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung July 22 2011
Manhattan for Tenants
New York is flooded by luxury rentals (p. 42)

Investment Inside July 2011
The Index-Revolution Has Just Begun
115 years ago the DJIA started the era of index investments (p. 8-9)

ITS magazine 2/2011
The Space Race
A virtual community in Brooklyn makes parking more efficient (p. 18)

Manager Magazin Online May 31 2011
German Energy Companies Betting on an Uncertain Future
In the US providers of solar- and windpower are in need of political support
online article

Investment Inside June 2011
America's Dangerous Money Supply
The Fed's policy contributes to bubbles on certain markets (p. 8-9)

Investment Inside June 2011
Heading for Middle Markets
How US-banks try to attract customers in the countryside (p. 28-29)

Absatzwirtschaft June 2011
Corporate Flavoring
Cover Story on the highly innovative flavor- and fragrance industry and its global leader Givaudan (p. 18-23)
Investment Inside May 2011
"Pfandbrief Light" – an American Invention
Draft legislation reveals different standards than in Germany (p. 8-9)

Investment Inside May 2011
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Sustainable Investment slowly gains interest in the US (p. 22-23)

Investment Inside May 2011
Wall Street Muses on the "Überbörse"
Tough competition to take over NYSE (p. 29)

Manager Magazin Online May 23 2011
German "Mittelstand" Contributes to U.S. Manufacturing Revival
online article
Investment Inside April 2011
A Close Relationship Between Science and Wall Street
Sitting on the board, getting money for a speech: Some US-economists are in service of the financial industry (p. 8-9)

Handelsblatt April 1 2011
Ten Years After
Book review: Bernd Greiner's analysis of 9/11 and its consequences (p. 73)
Absatzwirtschaft Brands Special Edition 1/2011
Pursuing a Plan
The elaborate self-promotion of Sarah Palin (p. 98-102)
Absatzwirtschaft Brands Special Edition 1/2011
„Political Marketing Replaces Ideologies“
Q&A with Prof. Bruce Newman, DePaul University Chicago (p. 102)
Sueddeutsche Zeitung March 4 2011
Core is the Magic Word
Real estate investors in the US are looking for quality (MIPIM-supplement p. 3)
Absatzwirtschaft March 2011
Welcome to the Land of Plenty
US-Gourmetchain Whole Foods raises the bar for retailers – a role model also for Germany? (p. 18-23)
Quell Spring 2011
Climate Manipulation
Rendering the environment is risky but could be mankind’s last chance (p. 5)
Handelsblatt Feb 17 2011
Secret Lobbyists
Did economists’ conflicts of interests prevent prediction of the financial crisis? (p. 18)
  Cicero Feb 2011
Six Billions from Google? Thanks No.
Groupon-Founder Eric Lefkofsky does not want to sell his company (p. 86)
Investment Inside Feb 2011
„Scared Investors Are Missing Opportunities“
Interview with Karin Shewer, CEO of Real Estate Capital Partners in New York (p. 23-25)
Investment Inside Februar 2011
Big Banks Discover Small Biz
Loans to the American Mittelstand are meant to cover up overall deficits (p. 8)
DJV-Journal 1/2011
Support by Specialists
How members of correspondence network Weltreporter help each other (p. 16)
Investment Inside Jan 2011
Junk Bonds Traders Are Raising Alarm
Huge demand is causing to a decline of standards (p. 8-9)

Handelsblatt Jan 27 2011
No Fear of Mistakes
Business economics are looking for better ways to deal with failures (p. 18)

pwc: Magazine Dec 2010
The Art to Transform
How the Wind of Change turns into a Wind of Chance (p. 4-8)

pwc: Magazine Dec 2010
"The Environmental Crisis is Driving Change"
Interview with sociologist Saskia Sassen about the shift in companies' culture (p. 9)

Wirtschaftswoche Dec 27 2010
"This is the Land of Worrywarts and Naysayers"
Interview with Fürstin Gloria von Thurn und Taxis (p. 86-89)

Investment Inside December 2010
US-Hedge Funds Are Seeing Their Comeback
Investors are likely to put more money on risky strategies (p. 8)

Investment Inside December 2010
Wall Street is Bullish – But Still a Little Afraid
The outlook for 2011 is optimistic while investrs are wary of bubbles (p. 26-27)

Investment Inside December 2010
Goodbye Wall Street
More and more German companies are leaving NYSE and Nasdaq (p. 42-43)

German Magazine for Architects
Half a House for 6000 Euro
A New York MoMA exhibition shows architecture for slums

Stock Exchange Magazine 1585 Nr. 3/2010
Artificial Intelligence
About chances und limitations of algo-trading (p. 6-9)

Stock Exchange Magazine 1585 Nr. 3/2010
"I Do Not Put Hell in the System"
Interview with risk management expert Bernard Donefer (p. 8)

Handelsblatt Nov 15 2010
The Economics of Parking
Scientist Donald Shoup advises cities in reducing traffic (p. 22)

Manager Magazin Online Nov 4 2010
The Chow-Down Has Already Started
Quantitative Easing provides companies with cheap money to buy competitors

Investment Inside Nov 2010
Banks Again Start Selling Toxic Assets
The market for CMBS is recovering surprisingly fast (p. 9)

Quell Winter 2010/11
Finishing the Search for Parking Space
With a smart idea, Brooklyn based initiative Roadify supports drivers (p. 15)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Oct 29 2010
Through with Kidding Around
Planned shopping- and amusement center Meadowlands Xanadu needs money (p. 38)

Manager Magazine Online Oct 21 2010
America Discovers "New Germany"
While many Americans are not content with their own country, they feel enthusiastic about Germany

Manager Magazine Online Oct 5 2010
Looking Again For Big Money
The comeback of Hedge Funds

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Expo-Real-Supplement Oct 1 2010
Small Gleams of Hope
US-commercial real estate markets still suffer from the crisis (S. II)

pwc: Magazine October 2010
Wall Street 4.0
A new generation of brokers is coming - and computers replace human beings (p. 42-47)

Absatzwirtschaft September 2010
The Secret of Success
Where marketers could learn from Apple - and where they shouldn't (p. 18-25)

Absatzwirtschaft September 2010
"Like Joining a Brotherhood"
Interview with marketing expert Albert Muniz (p. 25)

Aug 26 2010
The High Line Park New York
Lecture at the symposium for landscape architects "Grün Macht Geld" in Hamburg

Industry Journal 2/2010
The Creation Part Two
Geo-Engineering becomes a serious academic field (p. 58-63)

Industry Journal 2/2010
"Assuring Man's Survival"
Interview with physicist David Keith (p. 61)

Industry Journal 2/2010
Blue Print für Tomorrow's Factories
How an American motor plant reinvented itself (p. 30-33)

Quell Fall 2010
Love and Veggies
New Yorks first rooftop farms are growing vegetables (p. 15)

Die Zeit Aug 12 2010
Fanatically Free
The unorthodox success of US-investor Peter Thiel (p. 30)

Absatzwirtschaft July 2010
"Presence Is More Important Than Perfection"
Interview with Jeff Hicks, CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (p. 16-20)

Handelsblatt June 21 2010
How About Comprehensibility?
US-Economists teach their subjects by comics, cartoons and videos (p. 18)

pwc: Magazine July 2010
The provincial metropolis in America's midwest is nice, quiet - and extremly
successful (p. 14-17)

Cicero June 2010
Prophet of Doom
How Hedgefond-Manager John Paulson bet on the housing crisis (p. 72-73)

Absatzwirtschaft June 2010
"Facebook Becomes the Equivalent of the Web"
Interview with Matthias Kurwig, Neoogilvy Worldwide, about
Social- Media-Marketing (p. 49)

Absatzwirtschaft June 2010
Hand for Hands
The beautiful ad campaign of Delta Faucet (p. 80)

Handelsblatt May 3 2010
Culture Clash between Economists
Looking for the best way to do research (p. 20)

Börsenmagazin 1585 No. 1/2010
And the Winner is...
Countries investors and analysts rate most promising in terms of growth (p. 18-21)

Industry Journal 1/2010
Learning from Players
Poker and business have different things in common than you think (p. 60-65)

Handelsblatt April 14 2010
"Wake-Up Call for Wall Street"
US-Attorney Preet Bharara intensifies the prosecution of white-collar-crimes
(p. 22-23)

pwc: Magazine April 2010
Texas Greening
Oilbillionaire T. Boone Pickens now promotes natural gas and wind energy
(p. 56-59)

Suedseiten 1/2010
Facing Competition NYSE Struggles in Search for Strategies
High-speed platforms and Dark Pools are changing the US stock market
(p. 8-17)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung March 12 2010
Markets Flooded by Fire Sales
Commercial real estate going through difficult times in the US (p. 49)

Absatzwirtschaft Brand Edition 2010
Challenging Re-Invention
How GM, Ford and Chrysler try to turn around their brands (p. 22-27)

Wirtschaftswoche March 8 2010
Foresight in Numbers
Game theorist Bruce Beuno de Mesquita is considered a new Nostradamus (p. 70-73)

Wirtschaftswoche March 8 2010
"Your Job!"
German placement officers visit New Yorker model job centers (p. 32-33)

Quell Spring 2010
Divine City Park
New Yorks High Line, a prime example of creative urban development (p. 4)

Handelsblatt Jan 4 2010
Throwing Light on the Woman in Friedman's Shadow
How the studies of Anna Schwarz changed economic world (p. 20-21)

German Magazine for Architects Compact Dec 2009
Green Behemoth
After more than 50 years the UN-headquarter in New York is being renovated

German Magazine for Architects Compact Dec 2009
"We do not take risks"
Interview with Michael Adlerstein, Executive Director of the Capital Master Plan to rebuild the UN

Wirtschaftswoche Nov 23 2009
Problem shelved
US-housing market depends heavily on taxpayer's money (p. 38-39)

Handelsblatt Nov 9 2009
Innovative Labs Fighting Poverty
US-Economists advance development aid in using new methods (p. 20)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Nov 6 2009
Fancy Tracks
Remodeled Highline changes West Chelsea's character (p. 46)

Absatzwirtschaft Special Edition 2009
Why the Brand Obama is Magic
Marketing pros shape the image of the US-president (p. 70-74)

1585 No. 3/09
America's Cheapest Family
During the crisis frugal-living-consultants are doing quite well (p. 22-25)

Quell Autumn 2009
Crisis as an Opportunity
How small Segway company achieved to cooperating with giant General Motors (p. 4)

Sep 24 2009
The Illusion of Security - the Freedom Tower New York
Lecture in Zurich for consulting company pom+

Handelsblatt Sep 14 2009
Filled with Emptiness
One year after bankruptcy former Lehman employees still struggle to overcome
the shock (p. 8)

Wirtschaftsjournalist 4/2009
Farewell to Free
US-media tries to sell Premium Content to make some money (p. 22-25)

Wirtschaftsjournalist 4/2009
"I See a Difference between News and Songs"
Interview with Gordon McLeod, President of Wall Street Journal
Digital Network (p. 27-28)

Handelsblatt Aug 19 2009
Halfmanagers in White
US-economists think about incentive schemes for physicians (p. 7)

Wirtschaftswoche July 13 2009
Rearranging General Motors
A new company rises out of bankruptcy

Wirtschaftswoche July 13 2009
"Government Cannot Run a Business"
Interview with management professor Joseph Maciariello who worked 26 years with legendary Peter F. Drucker

Wirtschaftswoche June 27 2009
"Powerful Trends are Crossing Borders"
Interview with Susan Perkins, Vice President of Global Design at Tupperware Brands Corporation (p. 104/105)

Handelsblatt June 22 2009
Crisis, What Crisis?
Economists find it difficult to teach the recession (p. 7)

Handelsblatt June 18 2009
Bike Until You Drop
Participants of "Race Across America" cycle 3000 miles against the clock (p. 16)

Handelsblatt June 15 2009
Lessons for Life
Prof. Chris Bell asks students to teach 5th graders in economics (p. 9)

Absatzwirtschaft June 2009
"Another Option for Transportation"
Interview with Carol Valianti, Head of Marketing of Segway (p. 6)

Handelsblatt May 25th 2009
Schoolbook replaces Gun
Profile of Harvard economist Roland Fryer (p. 9)

Quell Summer 2009
Enchanted Giants
Californian Redwoods are still a mystery (p. 4)

Handelsblatt May 18th 2009
Beaming Cincinnati
How a north-eastern region of the US manages the
economic change (S. 10)

Handelsblatt May 4th 2009
"Woodstock for Capitalists"
Feature about the annual meeting of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway shareholders (S. 26)

German Magazine for Architects May 2009
High and Free up on the Railway
A former elevated train system becomes a park

Handelsblatt Apr 11th 2009
Americas Penny Pinchers
The recession is a boom time for those who teach how to live cheap (p. 10)

Handelsblatt Apr 10th 2009
Bargains in Florida
Opportunity Funds start investing in distressed assets (p. 31)

Capital No. 4/2009
Luxury Flats for Sale
Bargains in New York and Florida: Buy now or later? (p. 66-70)

Handelsblatt Mar 26th 2009
It All Pays Off for Him
Profile of Hedge Fund King James Simons (p. 23)

Handelsblatt Mar 12th 2009
Resurrection of a Sinner
Ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer tries a comeback (p. 15)

Handelsblatt Mar 10th 2009
Late Bloomer
Merck-CEO Richard Clark wraps up the merger with
Schering-Plough (p. 13)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung March 6th 2009
Cherry Pickers Having a Good Time
The commercial real estate market in the US offers opportunities to investors (p. V2/4)

Handelsblatt Mar 5th 2009
Elitist Belt-Tightening
Even Harvard and Princeton cut back during the crisis (p. 10)

GDI Impuls 1/2009
„The Segway Is Only to Start Off“
Interview with Jim Norrod, CEO of the Segway Company which produces the hip Personal Transporter of the same name (p. 28-31)

Handelsblatt Feb 23rd 2009
„More Swindlers Will Be Deteced“
Interview with New York Lawyer Richard Schoenstein about Madoff and other fraudsters (p. 27)

Handelsblatt Feb 18th 2009
The Perpetrator and His Victim
A Madoff-Casualty tells his story (p. 10)

Handelsblatt Feb 17th 2009
Unconventional Restructuring Specialist
Profile of Scott Griffith, CEO of carsharing company Zipcar (p. 13)

Handelsblatt Feb 10th 2009
Spielberg Hands Over to Disney
The famous director and producer partners with the media giant (p. 16)

Handelsblatt Feb 6th 2009
Salary Cap Evokes Split Echo
Obama wants to reduce income for those whose employers receive bailout money (p. 7)

Handelsblatt Feb 6th 2009
„How Are Banks Supposed to Attract Talents?“
Interview with compensation specialist Don Lindner about salary caps (p. 7)

Wirtschaftsjournalist (Business Journalist) February 2009
Miss Money Honey
Profile of celebrity journalist Maria Bartiromo (p. 28-30)

Absatzwirtschaft February 2009
„Afrika’s Markets Have Huge Potential“
Interview with US-Marketingprofessor Vijay Mahajan (p. 36-39)

Handelsblatt Jan 6th 2009
Three, Two, One...Snap!
In the real estate crisis more and more Americans are favoring house raffles (p. 10)

DAB Kompakt January 2009
Spaceship Earth on Target for Fuller
The ecological movement in the US rediscovers visionary Richard Buckminster Fuller (S. 3-5)

Capital 1/2009
Meet You in Germany
The success story of the German trade fair
industry (p. 146-151)

Handelsblatt Dec 29th 2008
Visiting Gang Leaders
Sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh tells about the Underground Economy in Chicago (p. 9)

Vanity Fair Dec 23rd 2008
Obama’s Strong Manm
Profile of soon-to-be US-Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner (p. 98-101)

Die Zeit Dec 11th 2008
Introducing Dr. Doom
Profile of economist Nouriel Roubini who predicted the crisis (p. 42) 

Handelsblatt Weekend Journal Dec 5th 2008
Management on Ice
Murray Martin, CEO of Pitney Bowes, learned his lessons of leadership with Hockey (p. 8-10)

Absatzwirtschaft 12/2008
"I Do Keep My Optimism"
Interview with Andrew Robertson, CEO of advertising agency BBDO Worldwide (p. 73-75)

Vanity Fair (German Edition) Nov 27th 2008
Who Laughs Last
Profile of future Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
(p. 56-57)

Handelsblatt Nov 17th 2008
Specialist of Speculation
Princeton-Professor Markus Brunnermeier studies the origin of overheating at financial markets (p. 11)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Nov 14th 2008
How to Win a Bungalow
In the US more and more desperate homeowners turn to house raffles (p. 42)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Nov 14th 2008
Games of Chance are Risky
Interview with jurist Austin King about house
raffles (p. 42)

Quell Winter 2008/2009
The Eco-Visionary
Californian inventor Michael Jantzen designs energyefficient sculptures (p. 13)

Handelsblatt November 3rd 2008
The Economist's Election Show
How the chief economic advisors of Obama and McCain defend their attitudes (p. 9)

Handelsblatt October 27th 2008
Gambler with Mathematical Talent
Profile of Yale-Economist Dirk Bergemann (p. 9)

Handelsblatt October 6th 2008
Predictor of the Decline
New York Economist Nouriel Roubini saw the
financial crisis coming (p. 9)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung October 4th 2008
Glamor Building
The "Bank of America"-Tower is the most ecological skyscraper in Manhattan (p. 97)

Rheinische Post September 19th 2008
US-Banker: Ready to Accept Almost Any Job
After having been fired, a Wall-Street-Broker
is looking desperately for work (B3)

Welt am Sonntag September 7th 2008
Twilight of the Banks in New York
The financial crisis depresses Wall Street

German Magazine for Architects September 2008
Sturdy Walls
The Fortress Architecture of the Freedom Tower (p. 14-17)

Impulse September 2008
My Boss, My Wife and Me
How US-companies improve the relationships of their employees (p. 84-86)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung August 29th 2008
Last Exit Brooklyn
A German coop offers a flat share for easy going visitors (p. 63) August 25th 2008
Mysterious Human Beings
Research Conference in New York contextualizes economic behavior

Die Zeit August 14th 2008
He Is Everything But Sexy
Featured Story about Martin Richenhagen, CEO of
agricultural manufacturer AGCO (p. 32)

Capital 11/2008
Special Idea Forces
New York agencies provide marketing concepts in
record times (p. 178-181)

Die Welt July 19th 2008
Gardens on Top of High Rises
Visionary teaches how to grow vegetables on New York roof tops

Handelsblatt June 16th 2008
My Kidney in Exchange for Your Kidney
Cross donation of organs might help thousands of Americans (p. 9)

Vanity Fair May 29th 2008 (German edition)
The Candidate
Barack Obama prepares for the final race to move into
White House (p. 94-98)

Handelsblatt May 21st 2008
Rost 'n' Roll
Americas aging Infrastructure has to be rebuilt (p. 10)

Quell No. 2/2008
Larry's Fight to Save the Mountains
About coal mining in West Virginia (p. 4)

Handelsblatt Weekend Journal May 2nd 2008
Piaffe and Pirouette
Martin Richenhagen, CEO of US-Landmaschinenherstellers AGCO, is passionate about dressage riding and directs the
German Olympic team (p. 8-11)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung May 2nd 2008
Small Talk With the Millionaire Next Door
Manhattan’s developers encourage close neighborships (p. 74)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung May 2nd 2008
„Young High-Income Professionals Want To Interact“
Interview with sociologist Saskia Sassen about New York becoming
a more social place (p. 74)

Welt am Sonntag April 27th 2008
Electronic Voting Causes Confusion
Web-based ballots paralyze shareholders

Handelsblatt April 16th 2008
John, Barack, Hillary and the C-Question
The growing influence of Catholics on American politics (p. 12)

Handelsblatt April 14th 2008
Clearance by Degrees
Difficult times for the long-established US-warehouse Sears (p. 12)

April 2nd 2008
At the Congress of Economic Journalism on April 2nd in Cologne Christine Mattauch presents the panel discussion with the editors-in-chief Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg (Capital) and Bernd Ziesemer (Handelsblatt) and the speakers John Lloyd, Director of Journalism of Reuters Institute for Study of Journalism in Oxford, James F. Spanfeller, President and CEO of, and T.K. Arun, Resident Editor of The Economic Times, New Delhi. 

Handelsblatt March 27th 2008
Loose Weight - Or Else Gimme Money!
How US-economists put you on diet (p. 9)

Welt am Sonntag March 9th 2008
Destinations of Wall Street Bonuses
What bankers do with money that comes as special payment (p. 52)

Süddeutsche Zeitung March 7th 2008
A Square Meter for 20,000 Dollars
The 5th Avenue is the world's most expensive retail location (p. 63)

Süddeutsche Zeitung February 29th 2008
Certified Quality of Life
The TUV Rhineland now checks on residential developments (p. 66)

Süddeutsche Zeitung February 29th 2008
"Tenants Should Play a Part in Judging"
Interview with the spokesman of the German Association of Renters, Ulrich
Ropertz, about the new certificate (p. 66)

Welt am Sonntag February 24th 2008
A Stranger Bugs Analysts in New York
Assuming a false name „Mr. Herrick“ dials in conference calls

Vanity Fair February 21st 2008
Dirty Laundry
About a bribery scandal during the New York Fashion Week (p. 9)

Die Zeit February 21st 2008
Closing Borders
The rise of protectionism in the primaries (p. 23)

Handelsblatt February 4th 2008
Laughable Economics
Yoram Bauman is the worldwide one and only standupeconomist (p. 10)

Handelsblatt January 21st 2008
Putting Away the Risks
US-Economist Robert Shiller founded the company MacroMarkets to
reduce risks of everyday life (p. 9)

Die Zeit January 10th 2008
Turn to "Dr. Flatrate"
A West Virginian Doctor offers a solution for the American Health
Care System (p. 21)

Handelsblatt December 27th 2007
Stubbornly Trying to Get His Way
The first year of New York's Governor Eliot Spitzer (p. 10)

Welt am Sonntag December 16th 2007
A Go-Getter, No Dreamer
Featured Story about Citigroup-CEO Vikram Pandit

Capital December 7th 2007
Merry Shopping
Europeans flood New York because of the weak dollar (p. 84-87)

Handelsblatt November 3rd 2007
Why Economists love Taxi Drivers
The labor supply of cab drivers doubts the neoclassical theorem (p.13)

International Audi Magazin Winter 2007
Stand by Me
The organization Best Buddies hooks up people who have intellectual
disabilities with friends (p. 46-51)

German Magazin for Architects December 2007
Skyscraper and Eaves Height
The different planning cultures of New York and Berlin (p. 28-29)

German Magazin for Architects December 2007
Blobs In Brooklyn 
Atlantic Yards – a controversial project with architect Frank O. Gehry
(p. 30-31)

Handelsblatt November 28th 2007
Break for Letterman 
The writers' strike in Hollywood (p. 10)

Quell No. 4/2007
Report on a sustainable urban farm in New York (p. 5)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung November 9th 2007
Home for millionaires
New residential skyscrapers in Manhattan (p. 54)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung November 9th 2007
Architecture shows the rank of inhabitants
Interview with Fredric Bell, Director of the New York Center for
Architecture (p. 54)

Die Zeit October 18th 2007
Missing Mountains
About Mountaintop Mining in West-Virginia (p. 36)

Audi Magazin Fall 2007
Rethinking as a Clue
Featured story about the Californian architect and inventor
Michael Jantzen (p. 50-54)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung October 5th 2007
In Great Demand
About the commercial real estate markets of Manhattan and
New Jersey (p. 87)

Handelsblatt September 11th 2007
Six Years After
Survivors of 9/11 struggle running a restaurant-coop (p.10)

Handelsblatt  September 7th 2007
Candidates are prepared properly
About the efficient methods of US-recruiters (p.4)

German Magazine of Architects August 2007
Luxury Living in Manhattan
Famous architects design residential buildings (p. 20-22)

Capital No. 17/2007
How to gamble and not to loose
What managers can learn from Poker-pros (p. 128-131)

Handelsblatt August 6th 2007
End of Simplification
Report on Reforms at Business Schools (P. 20-22)

Quell No. 3/2007
Around the World with Natural Gas
Report on the first world tour with an ecofuel-car (p. 4)

Die Zeit July 19th 2007
The Genius
Portrait of Ray Kurzweil, Visionary and Inventor (p. 26)

International Audi Magazine Summer 2007
Golf's Golden Girl
Portrait of Lorena Ochoa, Number One in Ladies' Golf (p. 74-79)

Handelsblatt July 5th 2007
Cartel Authorities Beaming Bloopers
About the Merger of the US-Satellite Radios XM and Sirius (p. 10)

Die Zeit May 16th 2007
Corporate Clinics for Employees Feeling Sick
How American Companies fight rising health expenditures (p. 35)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung April 21st 2007
Neat Performance
Four Germans drove around the World with Natural Gas (p. 67)

Handelsblatt March 27th 2007
Late Honors at Long Island
Why an American Politician claims US-Citizenship for Anne Frank (p. 10)